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Fela (Madagascar)  My mother told me my name means flower petal, but I don’t know if I’m one. They are so delicate, pretty and feminine. And they need special care.  Me, I’m more independent and dynamic. I like when things are done quickly and well. My fields of interest are finance and drama. There is no relation here, right? I know, but I study finance and my passion is drama.  It allowed me to discover other countries like La Reunion and France.  I thought I would have to continue my studies without learning drama. Then I found the solution which became my dream: to build my own theater where I will be the manager.  But before that, I have to work hard and deepen my knowledge and experience. I’m also very curious.   That’s the reason why I decided to attend Camp Excell.  It was a great opportunity to improve my English by working with Americans without leaving my country.  And I was not disappointed.  Our days are filled with American sports, practical English, leadership courses and team life, all combined with fun. 
Nada (Morocco) I’m Nada. I’m 17 and I live in Morocco. I’m studying math in high school. I have two sisters and one brother. They are lovely and kind.  I’m kind of shy when I meet new friends. For hobbies, I love swimming, listening to music and sightseeing. My favorite genres of music are RnB and pop. I have 3 friends and being with them is my cup of tea. I’m creative, I think outside the box, like we’ve learned in this camp. I care for others and last but not least, I have conviction. When I am passionate about something, I do everything to achieve my goal. I can’t stand selfish or arrogant people. I wanted to learn how to be a good leader and how to serve the community so I participated in this awesome Camp Excell. I think that it’s a wonderful experience that will help us a lot in our lives. We learned how to work in teams, we became a big happy family and we always had fun together. We learned a lot of expressions and idioms like “never say die”, “to go Dutch”. To conclude, I want to thank everyone who participated in this camp.

Mélodie (Madagascar)I am 22 and I live in Antananarivo. I have no brothers or sisters.  Sometimes it’s not very cool to be alone.  I like joking and I am adventurous, generous, and ambitious. I am also curious, especially about handicrafts. When I see a new handicraft, I immediately want to know how to make it.  For hobbies, I love singing, dancing, cooking, and going out with my friends, but my favorite hobby is making handicrafts. I like creativity. That’s why I want to build a factory for handicrafts. At the moment, I am studying marketing at university and I am learning sewing.  I have another activity which I love very much. I am a scout leader, which helps me to be open-minded, to educate, and to be educated. At Camp Excell, I have learned how to speak English much better.  I have new vocabulary and I know how to be a good leader.  This part was marvelous.  I have made a lot of new friends.  We have become a big family and we always have fun together.  I also gained a greater sense of responsibility and solidarity, and the opportunity to learn about important and famous leaders in sports, politics, and business was wonderful.  I learned how to play American sports, such as softball, frisbee, basketball, and American football, which are very exciting to play even if they are tiring. I loved the way that team members encourage each other.  It's very wonderful and very touching. To have attended this camp was very profitable for me and has given me great benefit in my life. To conclude, I just want to note that the Camp Excell expressions “I can do it,” “never say die,” and “keep your eye on the ball,” have special meaning for me.  I feel stronger, more dynamic, courageous, and daring. I will remember these expressions and Camp Excell forever.

David (Madagascar)
I am nineteen years old, of Chinese descent and from the big city life of Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar. I study marketing and communications at a graduate business school.   I want to understand people’s needs and hopefully accomplish my own dream one day: have my own island and, in time, create a new world order.   I love drawing, sports (above all ping pong), reading horror novels, and most importantly, being with my friends and talking about everything.   For me, everything that can help me improve myself is welcomed. I came to Camp Excell in order to improve my English, but this camp is special because at the same time, you learn leadership and you do new sports.  This is a camp to improve yourself.  I have also made many new friends.  Please try to attend Camp Excell, to have fun discovering useful things.
Mirana (Madagascar) I am 24 years old.  I’m from Antananarivo.  I like drawing, singing and having fun.  Some people describe me as smiling and generous. I can add that I enjoy food-- when I’m hungry, I’m able to eat a mountain of rice despite my little stomach!  I am already working with an airline.  I had never been to camp before, so being at Camp Excell in Majunga is a big experience for me.  I’ve learned four important values- integrity, community, respect, and perseverance.  I am now trying to apply these values to my life. I love how we learn at Camp Excell.  I improve my English and I have fun!  I love American sports. Playing sports in the hot sun was so cool.  Softball and frisbee are the two games that I’ve enjoyed playing the most.  At the end of the camp, I hope to be a good leader and to speak very good English.
Feno (Madagascar)
I am 21 years old and still a student. I am studying agronomy, but I am also deepening my knowledge about business and human resources management. I like being in touch with people and making new discoveries. How amazing it is to recognize that the world is not only the little area where I live.  How wonderful it is when you put one foot out of the box. I have been able to visit new places since I was a freshman in college, but traveling from Tana (my home town) to Majunga with the Camp Excell group is a big event for me. Everyone in the group has special talents.  Each participant was my superior in at least one area, so I could learn from them. There are 32 participants and the youngest was 12 and the oldest 26. This variety was the spice of the camp. As for me, I have drawn new insights from the analysis of successful people in the U.S. I don’t want write too much, because if I were asked to write all that I learned from Camp Excell, I would have to write thousands of pages. Each hour of the camp was filled to the maximum with good times and fun. There are things you may study for thousands of hours in a class, but at Camp Excell you can understand them in only two or three movements.
Haïna (Madagascar)My name is Haïna and even if I’ve always been a rather sociable and open-minded person, I’ve never participated in a camp like Camp Excell. Being a foreigner in a camp of participants from another country made me very scared, but what happened during the camp was an experience I will never forget. Indeed, I learned from the first day what it is like to work in a community, to solve one’s problems while taking into account the other person’s difficulties, but also how everyone should receive and benefit from outside help. Through the different activities I’ve participated in, I also came to realize that I was no longer an “outsider”. I am a 23-year old girl who loves country music. I also like reading- especially biographies of people who have lived up to their dreams whatever they are. I am preparing for my Master’s degree in linguistics at the University of Antananarivo, so my readings were very helpful insofar as they created “fire in my belly”. I have missed quite a number of buses but I did not miss the Camp Excell bus and it has taken me to the right place!
Hoby (Madagascar)   My name is Hoby, which means “glory” in English.  My friends consider me very unpredictable. I am often quiet, just observing what happens around me. I am also realistic and adventurous. I like analyzing human behavior and I am interested in psychology. I would like to understand human thinking and have a chance to end cruelty in the world.   At Camp Excell, I improved my English speaking and vocabulary. After the camp, I know I will be more generous, creative and able to be a leader. Camp helped me deepen my knowledge and develop my personal values.  During camp we had fun learning about American culture. Practicing softball and Frisbee took team spirit, concentration and ability. It taught me to work together for one goal and to trust in everyone’s competence. That’s the real team winner. I believe that teaching English in Madagascar should be like it is at Camp Excell because active practice is the best way to learn quickly. Now, I am very proud of myself because I made a real effort to succeed.  

I can say “I rock!”
Sanja (Macedonia)I am 25 years old, and I have been living in Skopje my whole life. I love the theater, fashion, dancing and, above all, I enjoy learning new languages which means that I also enjoy traveling and meeting new cultures. 
Determination, curiosity and thinking outside of the box are the essential parts of my character. This is the main reason why I decided to attend Camp Excell. It is a great opportunity to engage in team work, to learn practical English, to know how to present yourself and be an effective leader, to develop useful skills and to play new sports that are very amusing. Camp Excell was just what I expected and more. I cannot wait to apply the valuable lessons I learned here in every aspect of my life.
Marija (Macedonia)I believe in hard work, dedication, love, positive thinking, and, most of all, I believe in people. With all these things I hope that we the people of this unique world will succeed in reconciling the differences among us. We also must take into consideration the fact that we cannot survive by being selfish. 
Although I finished high school in economics, I hope that I will earn enough money to enroll at the faculty of psychology. The reason why I attend a camp like Camp Excell is because I’m a hard worker, and I also want to improve my personal experience. Camp Excell is a place where I feel like I am reborn, and that feeling keeps a smile on my face.

Although we have a very active schedule, I enjoy doing everything from improving my English, both speaking and writing, to trying new things like singing and playing softball and ultimate Frisbee. I bonded with all of the people here, and we became one big family. This is my best experience ever.
Ile (Macedonia) Honestly I was a little skeptical about Camp Excell because I didn’t know anything about the organization, sponsors and directors. I thought that it would be boring, but my friends convinced me that we would have fun. After arriving, I understood the purpose of camp and after I learned how to be an effective and proud leader and member of a team. I also learned how to play Frisbee and softball. I am very excited that team members give each other support and encouragement.  I had a wonderful time during Camp Excell. I just want to say a big thank you to my team for giving me a great time and motivating me to reach for the sky. And the sky is the limit.
Aboubakar (Morocco)  I am 20 and I live in Casablanca where I am doing my studies in business. I spend a big part of my time doing community service. I am an active member of five associations, president of two associations, and co-founder of a leadership club in ISCAE, my school. I acknowledge that I would never have been so involved in community service if I had not attended Camp Excell. Camp Excell helped me not just to learn about leadership but also to practice it through the different sports and games we played. I concluded from those experiences that a good leader is the first servant of his community. Whatever type of help you can give, just do it. After the first year of Camp Excell in Morocco, I introduced ultimate Frisbee as a sport in my school and organized some games. My friends were impressed by this game and came to ask me where I had learned to play. I answered simply “at Camp Excell, and I’m attending camp again this summer. Would you come with me?”
 Ichak (Morocco) I am positive, romantic, sensitive and honest. For my experience in Camp Excell, I am learning many things that certainly will help me in my professional and personal life. Also, I am learning new English skills, how to be a leader, how to manage time how to be creative and competent. Personally I was shy and timid, but once I came to Camp Excell I began to change. I am more and more outgoing and I am meeting many wonderful friends. We are sharing awesome moments, we are playing together, we are singing together and we are enjoying all our camp activities. These few days in Tangiers are remarkable in my life and I will never forget being here.  

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